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This is a listing of dogs that are available from groups or individuals that are NOT associated with Siberian Husky Rescue/Referral of California.

Note that there has been no attempt to verify any information in these listings, or evaluate the temperament of these dogs. They are listed at the discretion of the webmaster, and in no way are endorsed by Siberian Husky Rescue/Referral of California.

And though these are considered "Private Party" dogs, they may be associated with a group that charges adoption fees and/or have screening processes.

Consider having the dog checked by a vet, see it in several different surroundings, and/or obtain the advice on this dog from someone who is knowlegeable about the Siberian Husky Breed before acquiring the dog.

To see listings of dogs available through an approved Siberian Husky Rescue/Referral of California foster home, please see the SHRR Available Dogs page. There are many Siberian Huskies on this site that need homes.


Currently Available:

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Northern California

Male, 3 years old, Black Tan and White, Blue eyes

Cody is Available Do you have a place for me? "Cody" -- Cody is a beautiful, handsome, majestic, stately, full blooded Siberian Husky with a heart of gold, very affectionate with all humans, including children. He is exuberant and loves to run, play, pull, very attuned to nature and to people. He rarely barks unless something serious is going on, but is very expressive and passionate, speaks in Huskinese. He has excellent navigational, orienteering and tracking skills, could survive in the wild. He has all the social instincts of his wolf ancestors, and once you experience a dog like this you will never look at dogs in quite the same way. He gets along well with his fellow Husky brothers and sisters, also other similar dogs like Shepards, has never displayed aggression towards smaller dogs, but has problems with some larger dogs that bullied him when he was young, although he is becoming calmer about this as he matures. He is just coming into his own as an adult dog, would do well with a outdoorsy male daddy who owns other huskies, even a sled dog team. Please check him out, he's super special.
http://P.O. Box 118
For more information call Anne Williams at 510-301-0921, or email

Male, 2 years 0 months old, Black, Bi-Eyed eyes

Duece is Available Do you have a place for me? "Duece" -- This is Duece he's about 2 years old he's amazing with all kinds and adults he should be a only dog in the home with no cats. He's a great dog, he got dropped on our doorstep but unfortunately we don't have the time or space he needs.
For more information call James Branson at 530-368-5671, or email

Male, 3 years old, Black Tan and White, Blue eyes

Do you have a place for me? "Cody" -- This is a beautiful, handsome, blue eyed, blaze faced exuberant dog, very high on life, loves to run, loves to pull, loves the snow and to be out in nature. Is incredibly affectionate with humans, including small children, but hasn't lived with children. He lives with one cat, they do fairly well together, also good with the horse. He loves to play & watch the stars come out at night.
For more information call Anne Williams at 510-301-0921, or email

Male, 15 months old, White, Amber eyes

Polaris is Available Do you have a place for me? "Polaris" -- Polaris is a very sweet year old male. I believe he is some kind of Malamute/Pyrenees mix. He loves other dogs, and is submissive to them. He loves to go on hikes and cuddle on the couch. He is protective, but not aggressive. He was in the Placer County Animal Shelter and was pulled due to the shelter environment stressing him out. He's incredibly affectionate and in love with "his person". He loves to tell you what he's thinking with his goofy voice. He's good off leash, and up to date on all his shots. He really is a once in a lifetime dog.
For more information call Alyssa Martin at 530-414-3858, or email

North Eastern California

None listed at this time

San Francisco Bay Area

Female, age unknown, Black and White, Bi-Eyed eyes

Syndey is Available Do you have a place for me? "Syndey" -- Dog needs a good home to someone who is home all day. this dog cannot be left alone.
For more information call Carey Waterman at 301-254-1319, or email

Female, 2 years 9 months old, White, Brown eyes

Shasta is Available "Shasta" -- Shasta is a 2 1/2-year-old female, all-white husky. She is incredibly sweet, smart and energetic. She plays well with our 3 young daughters and our 3 other dogs. Shasta needs a home where she will get the kind of attention she needs. While we love her very much, we cannot keep her. Shasta sleeps at the foot of our bed and is a perfect snuggle buddy. We live on a farm and while she’s great with our family and dogs, she does not like the other animals and she comes to the house only when she’s ready. Other times she comes the first time she’s called. She’s stubborn and if she wants to run, she’ll run. We’ve spent countless hours looking for her only to find her gleefully playing at a neighbor’s house with their kids. We live on a large property and I don’t think it’s fair to keep animals locked up and unable to run around. Shasta needs a home with a fence and an owner who has the time to dedicate to her. When she is getting attention, she’s perfect. She loves to take walks on a leash, meet new people and new dogs. We are looking for a loving home who will be able to provide the time and attention she needs.
For more information call Lacey McNamara at 408-472-4641, or email

Female, age unknown, Black and White, Blue eyes

Dakota is Available "Dakota" -- Princess Dakota is still available for a furever home!!

Approx 3-5 yrs old, reigning lightweight champ of adorbies at just under 35 lbs...compact fiestiness!! Good with cats, ignores them. Does great with dogs of all sizes. Still learning to trust humans so should probably go to a home with older kids if any. Crate trained. Needs some training, but she learns quickly. Must go to a home with another dog(s).

She is currently being fostered in Northern California through SoCal rescue

Check out her video!
For more information call Milena Popovich at 323-871-0000, or email

Female, 3 years old, Silver and White, Amber eyes

Sochi is Available Do you have a place for me? "Sochi" -- Sochi is a very loving friendly husky. She loves people. Her eyes are light amber brown. She is an escape artist and does need a fenced in yard. She can not go to a house with cats or small dogs. Any large dogs she needs to meet first to ensure they are a good match. She really should be the only dog in the home.

I have a newborn baby and I dont have time to give her the attention she needs anymore. She is truly a sweetheart and everyone who has met her falls in love with her but unfortunately I do need to rehome her ASAP.
For more information call Melanie Guadagni at 408-830-7421, or email

Female, 5 years old, White, Blue eyes

Lykke is Available Do you have a place for me? "Lykke" -- Lykke came into our lives in February 2012 after losing another pet to an incurable disease. She was at a small non-profit shelter in SF and had been found running loose in Kings County, CA. Before we adopted her, she had already been adopted from the same shelter, but was returned when the owner lost her job. She was one year old when we adopted her and have had Lykke for 4 years. Lykke hadn’t had much time to be around a stable life and hadn’t really been trained or disciplined. She was a bit energetic and full of her own unique personality and needed a hefty dose of training, stability/consistency. After adopting her we worked with a very calm and experienced husky trainer who helped us smooth out some of her dominance. At daycare, she went from being a cause of trouble to being a favorite amongst the staff. Over the years she completely mellowed out to be a husky who loves to be with you, whether she’s sleeping in (which she loves to do), chewing a bone or going on a scent adventure through a park.

Lykke is a wonderful companion with many great qualities: playful, energetic, affectionate, and very intelligent. She has bursts of energy during play-time and walks followed by naptime and rest at home. She loves being chased around the house, going on long on-leash walks in nature settings or parks, and watching out for our neighbor’s cats from the window.

She has an amazing personality and develops strong connections with people close in her life. She’s very intelligent and loves to test any newcomer, but once you tell her a strong “NO” she learns and respects the boundary. She knows commands to sit, lie down, stay, shake with both paws, speak (softly howl), wait before entering or exiting our apartment, get ready (sit and stay while getting a leash put on), find treats, retrieve her toy, go to her bed, and a few others. She needs to be walked on-leash as most huskies need to.

Lykke has many wonderful qualities but also a few quirks which we have been unable to remedy. She suffers from separation anxiety preventing her from being at home alone for more than 1 hour. Past this time she progressively gets more hyperactive and every now and then chews on items in our home, mostly clothing or our bags. She doesn’t damage our furniture. We attempted to kennel train her but she would bark nonstop within 5 minutes and pull on the kennel with her teeth trying to escape. We suspect much of her anxiety stemmed from her environment during her first year which we had little insight into when adopting her.

This has been our biggest challenge with Lykke since she needs to be driven to and from daycare Monday through Friday often creating challenges with our demanding work schedules. Unfortunately after years of effort we must admit that we are unable to put in the time and resources needed to really give Lykke what she needs to be in a happy and stable home. She really needs a person that can spend the majority of the day with her or has more time to take the steps needed to reduce her anxiety.

In addition, Lykke shows signs of fear aggression and high prey drive when around younger, small children and small animals. This mostly comes out with her lunging at children or small animals during on-leash walks, keeping us on high alert. There has not been an incident but this poses as a risk each time she is outside in our neighborhood that we are not comfortable with. That said, she has responded well to older children who are confident, calm and able to give strong vocal commands.

She is not aggressive but her tendencies do require the right environment for those around her to feel completely comfortable. Deciding to find her a new home as been one of the most challenging decisions we’ve made but ultimately we think a home that supports her specific needs will be much better in the long run. She’s good with other mid-size to large dogs that are more mellow at daycare so potentially a friend at home could help with her anxiety being alone.

Overall, Lykke is a very intelligent, quirky and delightful companion. She loves to be with you and is up for any adventure, large and small. An ideal home for her would be living with an attentive, assertive and loving companion somewhere closer to nature, colder in temperature and more quiet than San Francisco city life.
For more information call Kyle Johnson at 415-690-8264, or email


Female, 1 years 10 months old, Grey and White, Brown eyes

Aspen is Available Do you have a place for me? "Aspen" -- Aspen is a gorgeous female approx 1 yr 9mos. She is a super sweet, affectionate girl. Obedience trained, housebroken, & cratetrained. She did not do well with the small dog in her last home, however, she does well with my 3 large dogs. She was sent to me for training due to a fight over food. This was not a good fit for their family although they tried. Lack of leadership or proper exercise and a little dog who was guarding his owner was most likely his food was not a good combination.
No issues with the children although due to the potential for prey drive I would recommend, no small dogs, small children or cats. Leadership highly recommended. If I weren't already at my limit I would love to keep this girl!! In fact the reason I have her is because the owners were going to surrender her to the shelter (through no fault of Aspen in my opinion).
For more information call DEBORAH POLLOCK at 408-250-4900, or email

Female, 4 years old, Red and White, Blue eyes

Rosie is Available Do you have a place for me? "Rosie" -- Rosie is a great dog. We rescued her from the city pound when she was a puppy. Now with 4 children in the house, she is not getting the love, attention, and walks so needs and deserves. She is very playful and lives to run. A home with a large back yard would be best. She also likes to dig sometimes. She has never dug under a fence though. I love this dog and hate to see her go. Some said I should ask a re homing fee, I just want her to go to a loving home. Maybe with other husky breeds.
For more information call David Flack at 209-969-3048, or email

Central California

Male, 6 years old, Black and White, Bi-Eyed eyes

Kiba is Available Do you have a place for me? "Kiba" -- Kiba is a 6-year-old neutered male purebred Siberian Husky. All this boy needs is a confident, consistent leader and he'll be the best companion you could ever want.

Being rehomed due to a change in life circumstances. He was purchased as a pup from a breeder by my sister, but she was required to move away for work, and can no longer keep him. He's currently in my care while we look for a forever home for him.

House trained and crate trained. Full of energy and ready to play. Walks at heel like a champ with your guidance, and even ignores other dogs. Knows basic commands sit/down/wait/leave it, responds extremely well to training. Excellent recall as long as he knows you're the boss. Rides in the car great with a handler, or in a crate.

He has never shown any escaping behavior at all, no digging, and won't even jump a three-foot fence. Loves to lay around the house, and has never shown any destructive behaviors even when left alone.

He has always been in a single-dog household. Has never shown aggression towards other dogs but can be invasive and dominant. Would probably do well with other confident dogs. Has a tendency to pounce at and nose around cats, but has never shown aggression. Has done well with proper introduction. He has never been exposed to children of any age.

Protective but not aggressive, not an excessive barker at all. Affectionate with anyone he knows is welcome in the house. He can definitely sense the pecking order of his pack, but with the proper leadership he's more than willing to be the follower. He will always look to you for guidance first.
For more information call Stevie Dale at 559-793-6864, or email

Male, 7 years old, Black and White, Blue eyes

Cody is Available Do you have a place for me? "Cody" -- Cody is an older Husky in need of re-homing. He needs lots of attention and time since he has separation anxiety, but he is a very loving dog. He is small prey inclined but he does OK with larger dogs and children. We can not give Cody the time and attention he needs as our work schedules have changed recently and it does not allow us the extra time and attention he needs. He is very quiet dog while we are home, but when gone he can be a little noisy due to his separation anxiety. Cody is not much of eater, his previous owners before us I think fed him a lot of human food, so he has a diet usually of a mix of part dry food and wet food (either fresh pet or canned wet food). We really want a good home for him and unfortunately we can no longer provide this. Please contact us either by cell or email if interested or you have more questions.
For more information call Melinda Byll at 209-272-0394, or email

Female, 4 years old, Agouti, Blue eyes

Do you have a place for me? "Mia" -- Mia is a beautiful. well trained, much loved pet who goes walking with owner several miles daily (2-5 mi). Until owner retired and moved with family, Mia, owner, and 2nd dog, best friend, went to a dog park most evenings. She is extremely social and gets along well with other dogs and people. She slept with the old cat who "raised" her, but he died. She will chase other cats if given the opportunity. However, she has never been allowed off leash except in the house or an enclosed yard due to the Siberian predilection for running. She spends a lot of time indoors due to the heat. She is noisy during grooming but cooperative. She does like to dig and also "talk."
For more information call Sarah O'Gorman at 951-383-5009, or email

Female, 2 years 9 months old, Grey and White, Blue eyes

Do you have a place for me? "Gabriella" -- Gabriella (Gaby) ia a drop dead gergeous girl with intense blue eyes. She looks like a giant Siberian. Her sire is a purebred Siberian, pure white, and her dam is a similar northern breed mix. She has been raised with two Siberians and a cat. The oldest Husky died of cancer about a year ago and the cat died last Spring. Gaby walks several miles every morning with owner and Mia, her Husky best friend. A pinch collar is used. Gaby is strong but very submissive. Owner is 74 years old and has no trouble handling her. She knows basic commands. (I walk my dogs at my side but do not use heal.) Gaby is shy with new people but if you aren't too pushy, she warms up to the ones she senses are safe. She is excellent with other dogs and has been playing with other dogs at a dog park since about 10 wks old after receiving her 2nd puppy shot.
For more information call Sarah O'Gorman at 951-383-5009, or email

Central Coast California

None listed at this time

Southern California

Female, 8 years old, Tan and White, Bi-Eyed eyes

Star is Available "Star" -- Star is a healthy 8+ year old fixed female. Selected her as a young dog (almost a year old) from Big Bear rescue animal shelter because she was not a barker. She does bark but not constant and with provocation (Star has a special bark for snake alert). She can catch rabbits, perks up when squirrels or lizards scamper, and, I believe, thinks of cats as prey. When we leave her with a friend, she plays/romps with their year old lab/shepherd dog all day long. She has gotten use to their small dog too. Star is very fit. We walk (on leash) about 3 miles daily, loves belly rubs. She stays put during the night at the foot of our bed (on the floor). We moved from a home with a fenced in back yard to no yard and our children have grown and left the home so is alone during the day. Star would be a great "buddy" for someone. She rides in cars very well, friendly to people. Her rabies shot is good for another two years and just received a 3 year virus shot last month. The vet was impressed about the low tartar on teeth. Please help us find a new owner for her. She deserves more interaction than what we can provide.
For more information call Elaine Tulving at 760-484-1961, or email

Female, 6 years old, Black and White, Blue eyes

Icee is Available "Icee" -- Our husky, Icee, is 60lbs. She needs an alpha, I’m not at home enough to give her that. I'm also not alpha enough, more her playmate. We have a small 10lb dog that she thinks is a toy but she is really great with cats, loves riding in my weekend truck, is great with kids, loves people, and needs a secure yard as huskies do. I didn’t realize how much she needed the company of big dogs to be part of a pack until I brought her to a neighbor’s house who owns 5 huskies. She immediately related to them like she had been missing this all her life. There was zero language barrier, she just fit right in, it was the most astonishing thing. She is up to date and healthy. Loves her crate and is well potty trained and knows a few tricks. She loves boys (both human and canine), we joke that she collects boyfriends. She doesn't get or beg for people food but loves pizza crust. Does great at the boarders and groomers. She is good with gardens and does not destroy them. Likes spending time with the family and loves it when company comes over. If nothing else is going on she's likes being outside watching cars, people, even the coyotes that hunt nightly in our neighborhood. She's a show stopper, a must meet.
For more information call Satti Brown at 909-297-0146, or email

Female, 2 years 2 months old, Black Tan and White, Bi-Eyed eyes

Andy is Available "Andy" -- Andy is a husky/german shepherd mix about 2 years old. She's extremely loving, isn't aggressive at all, knows a few commands and loves other pets. She is a big jumper and runner and loves playing with other animals, so much so that she will pester them to play, even cats and small dogs. She knows the commands: sit, lie down, wait, and go pee pee. She's anxious with loud noises like fireworks and even washing machines if she's close to it. She doesn't like being contained to a crate. She's good on a leash as long as she as a good harness or collar that will prevent her from escaping or pulling.
For more information call Georgia Ringelberg at 818-913-9668, or email

Male, 2 years 2 months old, Tan and White, Blue eyes

Luka is Available Do you have a place for me? "Luka" -- Luka is a sweet loving boy looking for his furever home! Great with cats & other dogs, loves to play & just hang out. He was saved by rescue
For more information call Milena Popovich at 323-871-0000, or email

Northern Nevada

None listed at this time

Southern Nevada

None listed at this time

Northern Oregon

None listed at this time

Southern Oregon

None listed at this time
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