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Please note: Before leaving our foster care, all dogs are spayed or neutered, are updated on shots, microchipped, checked for heartworm, and have had a vet examination. There will be an adoption fee of up to $400 depending on the group and the dog. Be sure to ask the foster home the fee for the dog you are interested in.


These are dogs available in Siberian Husky Rescue/Referral of California homes. For other available Siberian Huskies in these areas, please see the SHRR Rescue Groups or the Other Rescue Sites page. There are many Siberian Huskies on these sites that need homes.

NOTE: For listings of dogs available from private parties not associated with Siberian Husky Rescue/Referral of California, please check the Private Parties page.


SHRRCA Fosters Currently Available:

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Northern California

None listed at this time

North Eastern California

None listed at this time

San Francisco Bay Area

Male, 13 months old, Grey and White, Blue eyes

Banksy is Available "Banksy" -- Banksy is a one year old pup with striking blue eyes. He was sold as a pure bred Siberian but I believe that he is an Alaskan Husky as he bays like a hound. He was surrender due to landlord problems and lack of time to care for him. Banksy has some obedience training, he will sit, shake paws and has a really good start on recall. Banksy needs to be taken to school to work on the gaps in his training, especially allowing his collar to be grabbed and to not pull while walking on leash. At the park Banksy is friendly with dogs both big and small. He also lived with two very assertive cats for a couple weeks when he was a pup. So far he has not shown any prey drive towards cats.( If you have cats please do your research on introducing dogs to cats. I can not guarantee that he will be good with all cats) He is good with children and really enjoys the company of people. Banksy will probably do best as a only dog or with someone who is experienced with integrating dogs into a household. Before adopting Banksy or any other dog. Please go to and read about the first two weeks with your new dog.
For more information call Patty LaCava at 415-722-5727, or email

Female, 13 months old, Black and White, Brown eyes

Nova is Available "Nova" -- This is a courtesy posting for a dog returned to the breeder.

Nova is a one year old female, that is sweet, has basic training and wes returned because her owner is in the military and is going to a place he could not take her and was unable to find someone to keep her until his return. She is small for a female. She is located in Southern California.
For more information email Joey Alacron at

Male, 15 months old, Black and White, Blue eyes

Shamu is Available Do you have a place for me? "Shamu" -- Hi! My name is Shamu! I love to hike, walk, jog, and run. Do you need a personal trainer? I can be your motivation. I know a few tricks like sit and down and really want to make my owner happy. So please take me to school so we can learn to work together on more fun things to do. Plus then I get to ride in a car. I really like going places in cars. Cause I get to met people. I like people of all sizes, but as I am large, (a little over 60 pounds) and sometimes I get excited, I might knock little kids over. I would not want to hurt anyone. I like hanging out with big dogs. There are a few animals I will not live with, Cats! And all those little ones that run away. So if you own small animals, I, Shamu am not the dog for you. If you have a yard for me please make sure your fences are secure or I might go on walk about. But what I really like is just hanging out in the house with people who love me. Especially people who have owned dogs like me before. Please email my foster mom and come and meet me!
For more information call Beth Chamberlain at 408-859-3101, or email

Male, 4 years old, White, Blue eyes

Glacier is Available Do you have a place for me? "Glacier" -- Glacier is a very sweet and energetic and healthy 4 year old boy with expressive heart melting eyes who loves people, play, exploring and sweet as pie. He just need the right family that understand independent and smart dogs that have the time and resources to help him reach his true full potential.
He is crate trained and house trained. He is sometimes tentative and unsure of new surroundings, but as long as someone loving is by his side he does just fine. He loves playing with dogs around his size or bigger.
He is good on walks, runs and is trained for urban mushing, which is his favorite way to get exercise. He absolutely loves his scooter and lights up when he is pulling his scooter and does really well on it. If you are serious about doing the sport we can include a scooter made specially for dogs to pull with his adoption! You can even run 2-3 dogs on it if you have another dog.
Although he is a Kleenex thief He hasn’t been destructive, but if there’s a missing a sock you’ll have a pretty good idea where it went. He loves to snuggle on his terms and rest his head on your feet when it’s down time.
He is a typical husky with strong prey drive, NO SMALL DOGS OR SMALL pets, a talker, and you’ll often find sleeping upside down and in crazy positions. Although he might needs close supervision from time to time he will quickly wiggle his way into your heart!
For more information call Erin - at 510-825-1524, or email

Male, 7 years old, Grey and White, Brown eyes

Jax is Available Do you have a place for me? "Jax" -- Here I am, the boy you've been waiting for all your life! I can help you climb those hills, traverse those streams, or hold down the couch. I may be a little older, but doesn't everything get a little better with time? I have waited patiently for a family that will love me and stare into my big brown eyes and tell me all their inner thoughts. Hopefully you will give me a chance to prove myself. My name is Jax, I'm seven, I'm past my digging and chewing stages, house broken, vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped. I'm excited to meet you!
For more information email Chuck Usle at


None listed at this time

Central California

None listed at this time

Central Coast California

None listed at this time

Southern California

Male, 2 years 0 months old, White, Blue eyes

Jericho is Available Do you have a place for me? "Jericho" -- Stunning! Yep, that's me in a nutshell, at least that's what I've been told. To me? I'm just a guy looking for a good time. I like agility, barn hunt, rally, all the fun stuff available. Not sure about dock diving but with you beside me, I can accomplish anything. I'm active and need a family that will keep me entertained. I'm definitely not lawn art. My name is Jericho, I'm two years old, house broken, up to date on shots, microchipped and neutered.
For more information email Chuck Usle at

Male, 11 months old, Red and White, Amber eyes

Pirate is Available Do you have a place for me? "Pirate" -- Hi there, I'm Pirate, the cute boy in town. I had a rough start when I went on a field trip without permission and had a run in with a car. I'm ok, but my leg was broken. Oh don't worry, my leg is all healed and thanks to my foster Mom, I'm 100% now. I'm helping with foster mom's exercise program, jogging her three miles a day, and check out my photo, I'm a master of gardening! I'd really like my own home now though, with a husky sister to wrestle with. Kitties are too much fun to tease so probably better I don't live with one. I'm crate trained, walk nice on a leash, and love everyone I meet. I'm already neutered, up to date on shots and microchipped. I'm ready to help with all your home improvement projects, wouldn't you like my assistance??
For more information email Chuck Usle at

Male, 7 years old, Grey and White, Bi-Eyed eyes

Koty is Available Do you have a place for me? "Koty" -- What's a guy got to do to get himself a home? I'm handsome, sweet, happy go lucky, what more do you need? I like to jog, go for long walks, check out all the mountain trails, or keep you company by the bon fire on the beach. I'm house broken, get along with other dogs and like kids as well as adults. If you feel you're up to sharing your home with a wonderful guy like me, let's talk! I can have my people contact your people and we can do dog park together. Oh, I'm Koty, I'm seven years old, gray and white with bi eyes, neutered, up to date on shots and microchipped.
For more information call Chuck Usle at 760-272-4080, or email

Northern Nevada

None listed at this time

Southern Nevada

None listed at this time

Northern Oregon

None listed at this time

Southern Oregon

None listed at this time
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