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Please note: Before leaving our foster care, all dogs are spayed or neutered, are updated on shots, microchipped, checked for heartworm, and have had a vet examination. There will be an adoption fee of up to $400 depending on the group and the dog. Be sure to ask the foster home the fee for the dog you are interested in.


These are dogs available in Siberian Husky Rescue/Referral of California homes. For other available Siberian Huskies in these areas, please see the SHRR Rescue Groups or the Other Rescue Sites page. There are many Siberian Huskies on these sites that need homes.

NOTE: For listings of dogs available from private parties not associated with Siberian Husky Rescue/Referral of California, please check the Private Parties page.


SHRRCA Fosters Currently Available:

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Northern California

None listed at this time

North Eastern California

None listed at this time

San Francisco Bay Area

Female, 3 years old, White, Amber eyes

Junebug is Available "Junebug" -- JuneBug was found tide to a pole in a park in San Francisco. She is a sweet dog who loves to play with all that she comes in contact with. Whoever owned her also chopped up her coat for some it wil take a iittle time for it to grow back. She will make a great companion to a person that wants a short walk or hang around the house companion. She has a low grade heart murmur. We have checked it to the extent we can and she seems to be fine with in but we would not recommend her running on a sled team. Regular walks and hanging around would be great for her. Contact the foster home to meet this wonderful girl.
For more information call Beth Chamberlain at 408-859-3101, or email

Male, 10 months old, Red and White, Bi-Eyed eyes

Blue is Available Do you have a place for me? "Blue" -- BASH is also listing this dog as a courtesy on our website. the siberian will not be adopted through BASH but we offered to help find him a new owners

Blue is approximately 10 months old. He was surrendered by a friend who was unable to give him the care he needs. I have all of Blue's vet records. He is on oral flee protection and has started heartworm medication.

Blue spent a lot of time on a balcony and in a crate. When he came to us, he was so excited to be able to run in our yard and play with our dogs. He is good with our medium sized dogs. He sleeps in his crate and is happy to stay in it for a few of hours when needed durning the day. He is good in the house but is courious. He is smart and seems happy to please. He walks on a leash but needs a little training.

Blue is a smart and good dog who needs a forever family who can give him the love and time due deserves. With a little training this handsome puppy will be a great family dog.
For more information call Catherine Nielsen at 408-981-7844, or email

Male, 9 months old, Black Tan and White, Brown eyes

Juno is Available Do you have a place for me? "Juno" -- Ok, Juno's a true Alaskan Husky which is a mix, probably a German Shepherd, hound dog mix. But, he's been around huskies and does great with them. Juno is an honorary husky! He is a super sweet pup who has had a rough start in life, but things are getting better for Juno.
He's about ready to find his forever home and share a lifetime of love and experiences.
For more information call BEth Chamberlain at 408-859-3101, or email

Male, 12 months old, White, Blue eyes

Ghost is Available "Ghost" -- This is Ghost. He is a BIG puppy! He is about 11-12 months old and weighs 60#'s He is real sweet, but young, and has stuff that he needs to learn. He loves to chase the vacuum cleaner and bite at a stream of water. He will even chase balls. He is probably mixed with Malamute or White Shepherd, and sometimes doesn't realize his size. But he is also pretty smart and is learning what the rules are pretty quickly. He was an owner surrender in San Francisco. He was raised in an apartment and was surrendered because of moving. They had teenage children. He was crated while at home in his original family. He rides we in a car.

As a young dog, he will need more training, but he has seemed to figure out where to go potty, and learning to sit before coming into the house. He is even starting to get used to the crate. As time goes by, he will acquire many more obedience skills. He had learned some behavior commands in French, but is relearning in English.
He will make a great addition to a family with another young and active dog.

Do you have a place in your home for Ghost?
For more information call Randee McQueen at 408-371-1841, or email

Male, 2 years 8 months old, Black and White, Blue eyes

Charlie is Available Do you have a place for me? "Charlie" -- Charlie is a little shy at first meeting, but he warms up to you with just a little bit of patience and maybe a few treats do the trick. He is a typical Alaskan Maamute. he needs to be useful and have a purpose that he shares with his master. He is full of energy, playful, fun and ready to go. He likes care rides, walks and play. He starts off on his walk pulling just a little, but then settles down. Charlie really does not want to be alone, he is a people dog, but because of his Sheppard background he wants to protect his owner and their property. He is respectful of your belongings. He sits and waits for his food bowl to be place on the ground before attacking it with gusto. He is still working on his basic commands like DOWN, STAY/WAIT so some basic obedience schooling would be a good and fun thing to do as he wants to please. Charlie also loves to be brushed and handled ...he just needs someone who can set the boundaries and hold him to it.. Children should be older teenagers. No small animals such as chickens, rabbits or cats please though, pretty please.
For more information email Kristie Miranda at

Male, 3 years old, White, Blue eyes

Max is Available Do you have a place for me? "Max" -- Max is a 3 year old Siberian Husky that is a delight to walk on a leash. He knows the basic commands of sit and down. Max is a high energy dog that loves to play in water as well as with balls and other toys. Max is in heaven if you pile all the toys in a tub of water and he will spend the next hour fishing them out. A bit of an acrobat Max can easily jump 5 foot fences and can climb objects, like chainlink fences or trees with low branches, much higher.

He gets along with other dogs both large and small but some caution needs to be observed with smaller or older dogs as Max likes the rough and tumble stuff. He is very smart and a very quick learner. While he is exceeding charming he will try to manipulate people into doing what he wants.

He needs a person that understands northern breed dogs and that will work with him.
Given the right training it will work to all's advantage. He is a fun dog. The ideal home for Max is one that has had previous experience with Northern breeds, has at least one other high energy dog as a companion, fences that are 6 foot or better and no cats or small animals or birds. A good sense of humor is a must.
For more information email Nic Matulich at


None listed at this time

Central California

None listed at this time

Central Coast California

None listed at this time

Southern California

None listed at this time

Northern Nevada

None listed at this time

Southern Nevada

None listed at this time

Northern Oregon

None listed at this time

Southern Oregon

None listed at this time
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